About CARL

About us

Our members include Canada's twenty-nine largest university libraries and two federal institutions.

CARL members provide invaluable support to Canada’s research community by:

  • Working to improve access to knowledge
  • Improving services to students, faculty and researchers
  • Promoting effective and sustainable scholarly communication
  • Ensuring that Canada’s researchers have world class information management capacities
  • Sharing best practices and experiences
  • Advocating public policies that enable broad access to scholarly information

By preserving and enabling access to knowledge, our members support Canada’s researchers and foster innovation.

Our Mission

Enriching research and higher education is at the heart of our mission. The right to access information and knowledge guides our work. We help our members’ collaboration in research and higher education. We seek broad access to scholarly information through scholarly communication and sound public policy.

As a non-profit organization, we coordinate our members’ initiatives and promote their causes to achieve excellence in research and higher education.

CARL's Strategic Directions 2013-2016 focus on the continuing transformation of scholarly communication, advocacy for favourable public policies, and strengthening and promoting Canada's research libraries.

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