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CARL works to ensure that  services provided by Canada’s national libraries are maintained, even in a difficult funding environment.

Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada  facilitates the continued engagement of Canadians in research and lifelong learning; while preserving the documentary heritage of Canada for the benefit of present and future generations. Library and Archives Canada is a source of enduring knowledge, accessible to all, and contributing to the cultural, social and economic advancement of Canadian society.

LAC's mandate is to "preserves and makes accessible the documentary heritage of Canada. It also serves as the continuing memory of the Government of Canada and its institutions. This heritage includes publications, archival records, sound and audio-visual materials, photographs, artworks, and electronic documents." We want to make sure that it has the means to carry out its mission.

Cuts at LAC

Budget 2012 cut $9.6 million from LAC's budget, including the elimination of 200 positions, which represents about 15% of personnel. Ten percent of LAC's budget will be cut by 2015. LAC also announced the cancellation of the National Archival Development Program, which distributed $1.7 million for projects at archives across the country, and a stop to interlibrary loan service. CARL works closely with LAC to develop a comprehensive Lender of Last Resort policy to compensate the elimination of this service.

LAC Programs

CARL participates in a number of LAC programs and consultation forums, including:

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Depository Services Program (DSP)

CARL member libraries make up a part of the network of Depository Libraries in Canada and abroad that receive publications from the DSP. Their mandate is to provide bibliographic access, long-term preservation, reference services, inter-library loan and many other public services that ensure free public access to published government information. CARL is an active member on the DSP committee, sending two representatives to annual meetings.

IFLA Treaty Proposal

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries would like express its full support for the IFLA Treaty Proposal on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives.


Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (NRC-CISTI) provides both basic information and value-added support to Canada's public and private sector researchers in every region and territory. As a national science library, it is an internationally recognized institution, providing innovative and effective leadership in the turbulent, rapidly changing world of scientific, technical, and medical information. In the interest of continued innovation, it is of great importance that the services and programs offered by NRC-CISTI be maintained and supported,